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Alex Rex ([personal profile] alex_rex) wrote2011-08-23 10:43 pm

Updates from the previous cumulative Windows time zone update

А фотт, соппственно, и онно, сфежее kb2570791:

  • Updated the UTC offsets and removed DST for the time zones that are listed in the table.
Time ZoneOldNew
Russian Standard Time (UTC +3:00) Moscow, St Petersburg, Volgograd(UTC +4:00) Moscow, St Petersburg, Volgograd
Ekaterinburg Standard Time(UTC +5:00) Ekaterinburg(UTC +6:00) Ekaterinburg
N. Central Asia Standard Time(UTC +6:00) Novosibirsk(UTC +7:00) Novosibirsk
North Asia Standard Time(UTC +7:00) Krasnoyarsk(UTC +8:00) Krasnoyarsk
North Asia East Standard Time(UTC +8:00) Irkutsk(UTC +9:00) Irkutsk
Yakutsk Standard Time(UTC +9:00) Yakutsk(UTC +10:00) Yakutsk
Vladivostok Standard Time(UTC +10:00) Vladivostok(UTC +11:00) Vladivostok
Magadan Standard Time(UTC +11:00) Magadan(UTC +12:00) Magadan
  • Kaliningrad Standard Time [Display Name "(UTC+3:00) Kaliningrad"]:
    A new Windows time zone was created, and it has the display name "(UTC+3:00) Kaliningrad." This time zone does not observe daylight saving time.

  • Спокойной ночи.

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